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My name is Amber RichBook

A dynamic corporate mermaid and professional development speaker at You Are Your First Career, guiding professionals through a transformative journey where personal and professional development seamlessly merge.

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Senior Product Lead - Customer Experience and Telemetry Products | Co-founder - Non Profit startup

I highly recommend Amber, an exceptional coach whom I have had the pleasure of meeting yesterday.
Amber is incredibly capable of bringing clarity to your thoughts and empowering you to become the best of yourself. She answers questions, provides guidance, and leaves you with concrete steps to make progress by yourself. Her conversational style is thought-provoking. In addition to this, her willingness to collaborate and share ideas and her enthusiasm will undoubtedly yield positive results for anyone whom she coaches.

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Meet Amber RichBook,

Meet Amber RichBook, the captivating corporate mermaid making waves in the in the world of professional development. Years of experience advising individuals and organizations on how to achieve their goals, Amber guides talent create a fulfilling career and a workplace culture that supports growth. 


A devoted mother of three and perpetual student of life, Amber is your radiant guide to the transformative realms of self-discovery and healing. Her journey of alchemizing existence goes beyond the corporate world, as she also holds the title of a professional development speaker at You Are Your First Career, captivating audiences with insights on personal growth and empowerment.

Amber is not just a mentor to emerging professionals; she's a valuable resource for established ones. Infusing her engaging personality with a unique ability to connect, Amber brings a rich experience to every encounter.

At You Are Your First Career, Amber creates a dynamic speaking experience that goes beyond conventional career guidance. The unique developmental approach facilitates smooth navigation of professional success through curriculum engagement, connecting professionals to new ideas, strategies, and solutions.


The You Are Your First Career experience is more than a career guide; it's a holistic journey where personal development meets professional growth. Amber RichBook's passion lies in helping professionals thrive, offering a space where individuals can evolve and own their careers with confidence and purpose.

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